Mail wants to see 'Trash' folder
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By BOUTYM - 7 Months Ago
We are having a problem with the mail client in something called Zoho CRM.  When deleting an email the email will go away from the Inbox of the Zoho client but then reappear shortly after.  Zoho support is telling us this is happening because they move a deleted message to the Trash folder and our Imail server is not syncing the trash folder.  Here is what we received from them as a description of the problem:

Regards to your issue that you are facing with the Sales-Inbox I again checked with my developer and it seems that your IMAP mail server doesn't assigned a name for the trash folder in the backend and thats the reason why we aren't able to move the emails to the trash folder.Also please refer the below mentioned screenshot of the backend mapping of the folders of your mail client.Normally a trash folder will be marked the flag (\Trash) in the list. But here, there is no such flags. So it is not possible to identify which is the Trash folder.So please kindly contact you IMAP server client.Hope this clarifies

Zoho support tells me I have to configure the mail server to sync the 'Trash' folder but Imail doesn't by default have a Trash folder.  Not sure what to do here but my gut feeling is that the Zoho mail client should be creating a Trash folder if that is what it wants to see and syncing it with IMail.