IM Public Contact List
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By J'VilleAdmin - 4 Years Ago
Is there a way to mass import a Public Contact list for IM? 
By Mike Barber - 4 Years Ago
Import from where?
If you are attempting to move the IIM from one server to another then all the public contact data is stored under 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ipswitch\Messenger Server\~Shared
By J'VilleAdmin - 4 Years Ago
I understand that IM has the Imail server group, but we create public contacts based on campuses.   So we have 11 public groups besides the Imail server group.   So if I create a new group can I import new users into this group?
By Mike R. - 4 Years Ago
There is no utility, but if you look in the registry under ~Shared there are two keys, buddies and buddy groups.  Look at the format, and you should be able to reproduce it with a reg import file.  That's the only way to "mass" import.
By J'VilleAdmin - 4 Years Ago