API not working

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By Julio.Gonzalez - 6 Years Ago
A few weeks ago we had a IMail Server up and running, API included. Everything worked great.

But we had an electrical issue and server died.

So, we installed everything again in a new machine. IMail Server works, but API doesn't. We have a couple domains created in IMail, and when we test the API's samples it doesn't show any domain. It doesn't show any kind of error; it simply doesn't list any domain.

What can be wrong?


By Mike Barber - 6 Years Ago
In the IMail log directory check the apiMMDD.txt file to see if any errors are being written there.

Check the Windows event viewer to see if any errors are being logged from the IIS worker process.
By Julio.Gonzalez - 6 Years Ago
Looking at log files i realized there was an error when loading a DLL. I had to install VC2008's runtime libraries in order to solve the issue.